BareMinerals Voxbox!

Hey guys! I’m here to review the BareMinerals BarePRO foundation given to me from influenster !

Is it possible that a foundation looks better the longer you have it on? I would say YES! I love the formula a little goes a long way! My dad who never notices actually commented on how smooth my face looked? He even told me I should keep buying it… I think that’s a VERY good sign. It’s comfortable, I forgot I had it on and it just seemed to look better and better the longer I had it on!

The one problem I do have is my skin has been So dry, nothing seems to not highlight my dry patches! I did feel like after this foundation settled it looked better. 

I wish the brush they recommend came with it. For some reason I feel like the application would have been better with the brush. 

For the purpose of just trying it out, I just used my hands.

It does a great job at evening the skin tone, has SPF and as I said before it does look better once it’s settled in. I personally would say use a primer before.

Overall I would recommend, if you want to know where you can get this foundation I’ll link it below, Also if wanna join influenster I will also have a link below. Thank you for reading to the end! 

Get BareMinerals BarePRO here

Sign up for Influenster here 

Disclaimer: I received this product complementary for testing. All opinions are my own.

Ipsy Glam bag September 2017

Hey guys I know I’m posting this on the last days of September! Sorry, I have been struggling with mental health lately, but I’m getting the help I need so everything should be better soon. 

I finally have something ready for you guys so I hope you enjoy!

Can we simply take a moment to admire the simplicity and beauty of this bag! I love it, the inside is like a dark royal blue. The small studding all over gives just the correct amount of detail. It’s perfect. 

This months theme is Like a boss! So if you want to see what’s inside just keep scrolling!

P.R.M.I.T Beauty – GELlusion  shade January (Capricorn)

When I saw this nail polish it was screaming autumn. I put it on immediately. 

I loved it and so did my mom,  she snatched it up real quick! Another great thing is it is PETA certified, vegan and cruelty free! I will definitely use the heck out of this nail polish.

Ciaté London – Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic

Next is this mascara right here, again how cute is the packaging! I love how the product seems magical.

This is a good mascara, the brush definitely gives volume and covers every eyelash. I also felt the wand gave me control over where and how much mascara I wanted to brush on.

I have straight eyelashes, but it definitely made a difference. I did not curl my lashes, prime them nothing. If you go all out with just the curling of the lashes It would look even better! It didn’t get too hard when it dried and it did not smudge- well since I was having an emotional day I had to put the mascara to the test ( had a crying session) and it did smudge off. Then again it never claimed to be waterproof. Definitely a mascara I like.

Eva NYC – Zero Gravity Volume Powder

You guys, packaging is everything! I will literally buy something I don’t even need because of cute packaging! In my opinion, this brand is killing it with their pink, fun, hair products! This product promises to give you volume and texture all with a sprinkle of this weightless, moisturizing powder.


So this Is a primer from smashbox, a brand I really like, I guess I wasn’t all that excited with it becuase I try to stay away from shiny things on my skin ( I’m really not even a huge fan of highlighter)  but I’m excited to try. SmashBox primers haven’t let me down before, It has multi usage, you can you use under make up and on top as a highlighter. 

NEOGEN Dermalogy– Real Flower Cleansing Water – Rose

Let me just start by saying if you buy a full bottle of this it has actual rose petals in it! Can you say fancy? I really love my simple micellar water, but when I wanna feel extra pampered why not reach for this! It smells So Good!! I would use it as perfume if I could! 

Extra goodies:

Lime CrimeUnicorn Hair Duo in Blue Smoke

Common Labs – Mild Peeling Finger Pad

The above products were just extras I got with my points!

Thank you so much for reading! Sorry I have been so bad at writing lately! Please tell me what you think?! Any suggestions, comments welcome!

Also if you want an ipsy bag click here


August Ipsy Glam bag!

Hey guys! My August ipsy bag is here and I wanna share it with you guys! 

The bag is super cute! Love the tassel and the ombré thing going on the products were awesome as well.

The bag included:

First Aid Beauty: Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

Crown Brush: SS035 – Medium Face Contour Brush

theBalm Cosmetics: theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Willkommen


Marc Anthony True Professional: Strictly Curls Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream

Steve Laurant: Precision Tip Liner in Black

Well, that’s it guys! I thought to make this post nice and short if you have any questions, want to know more about a certain product or just want to chat leave a comment below! Btw I’m curious, what did you get in your ipsy bag? And if you are not signed up yet what are you waiting for? Click here to subscribe to ipsy!

Thank you for reading!


Things I HAVE to share with you!!! PT.1 

Hey there guys, how’s it going? I feel like lately I have tried some great things worthy of sharing with you! Do you want to know what my picks are? Keep reading!

Today I have some recommendations for skin care, makeup, stores, snacks, blogs and apps!  


Let’s start off with snacks! One of my fav. YouTubers is OBSESSED with Angie’s BoomChickaPop popcorn! After so many years I gave in and purchased some. OMG it is so good, I completely get why people are obsessed with it. The best part of all? It’s made with Real, simple ingredients. Plus, they have so many flavors to pick from! If you want a yummy snack and you don’t want to sacrifice flavor? This is for you guys.

(Above is my dog being super protective over the popcorn!)

Next thing I have been into is the Brookside crunchy clusters,  I don’t have a picture (they didn’t last that long) but I can tell you the flavor I had was the almond and berry flavor. They have a variety of mixes with different fruits, nuts and even bars.


Right away when it comes to blogs I have a couple to share with you. Most are a mix of DIY and beauty, plus most if not all of them are run by great females and are a HUGE inspiration to me!

A Beautiful Mess


Studio DIY 


Go check them out!


Honestly, my number one app I ALWAYS use when shopping is Ebates. I mean you get cash back for shopping? How great is that. If you shop online a lot this is for you! You can even receive cash back in stores as well double yay!

Next app and store I LOVE is Hollar. They have such great deals there. We order from there at least once a month, no lie both my sis and I! 

Even the individual who delivers our mail had a conversation with my mom about how they had never heard of it before, they went on the page out of curiosity and they had great deals! Plus, who can go wrong with that bright, orange box?

I’ll be back with a Pt.2 so for now let me know below some of your favorites in the comments.


Ipsy Glam bag! July/17

Hello everyone here I am again showing you what I got in my July Ipsy Glam bag!

If you wanna see what was in my bag this month keep scrolling.

This months bag features Gudetama, a Japanese cartoon also known as “The Lazy Egg”. The theme was overeasy/Lazy beauty because we all need to take a step back from life and chill. 

Jersey Shore Cosmetics      Mandarin Green Orange & Ginger Mongongo Lip Conditioner

So let’s talk about this, I was SO EXCITED for this product. The packaging looked adorable and It was described as a citrus scented balm and you know I love anything citrus scented….I WAS FOOLED! I’m sorry this was awful, I didn’t like it at all! I immediately took it off my lips it was that bad in MY opinion. 

tarte                                         Rainforest of the Sea™ deep dive cleansing gel

I’m happy to see this product in my ipsy bag, I needed a new cleanser. My sister has it and she likes it. Plus it smells really nice and fresh!

OFRA Cosmetics                            Gold Rush Eyeshadow

I really like OFRA eye shadows, they have awesome pigmentation. I already have a BUNCH of eye shadows around the same color scheme so this is something that I like, but don’t really need.

Seraphine Botanicals               Lychee + Gold

Never tried this brand, but I’m excited for more! Their packaging is beautiful, this blush is girly! I’m kind of thinking I could use this maybe as an eyeshadow as well!

COUGAR Beauty Products              24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry

New brand, very light weight on the lips. I am not a fan of pink tones, I tend to like more darkish, nude lip colors. This was really nice for a change. It’s a “24 hour” liquid lipstick and I had ice cream, Let’s just say my ice cream had some pink in it!

Well I wanted to end this blog with showing you the back of the ipsy bag! It’s adorable ( look at his little butt haha) Thank you for reading and please tell me what did you get in your ipsy bag? What was your fav. Product? Dislikes? Are you not an ipster yet? Become an Ipsy member by clicking here!

Oh and let’s become buddies! Follow me on social media!



Posh voxbox!

Hey everyone how are you today!? I’m excited to share I was chosen to receive this AMAZING POSH VOXBOX From Influenster! 

The word Posh means “elegant or stylishly luxurious.”  So I was really excited to get this baby, with a definition like that, you can only imagine what products are included. So if you are ready to see whats inside? Keep scrolling down!

The brands in this Voxbox include:

Lets start off with the first thing I was excited about:

This AQUIS hair turban! These hair towels are made with ultralight  “Aquitex” drying technology. This means it cuts down the hair drying time and doesn’t damage your hair. You are also suppose to see and feel less frizz (I mean with the humidity we’ve had, I say YES PLEASE!).

The exact one I got is the AQUIS WAFFLE luxe hair turban. It retails for $30-$45. I kind of fell in love with it, if it were my choice I’d wear it on my head all the time. It’s comfortable and if you are like me, nothing stays on your head, this didn’t slip, held up all my hair up and it secures in the back. I love it & I reccomend it. Makes my life a tad bit easier being chronically Ill. 

Next is : Julep boost your radiance rosehip seed facial oil

The price for this miracle oil is $36. Leaves skin radiant and  hydrated. It repaires appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation, Also known as “wonder booster” contains Vit. E, rosehip seed oil and bergamot oil. 

But why is this beneficial? Don’t worry I gotchu! I did some research.

Vitamin E protects against free radicals. This is important because they play a big part in aging so good bye wrinkles! It also helps absorb the other oils better.

Rosehip seed oil regulates oil production, is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that correct hyperpigmentation (including scars).

Bergamot oil is a citrus and has a purifying effect. It unclogs pores and contains brightening benefits.

First let’s just say a little goes a long way! I put it on at night and the next morning no lie my skin looked radiant, clean and moisturized! My skin felt soft and I really enjoy the packaging! I love that it has a dropper, the product is visible and the white box it comes in gives it a simple and clean look.

Next is : Dermalogica stress positive eye lift  

 I was surprised at the price of this it’s the most expensive product costing $65! 

This cooling cream gel energizes skin to reduce visible signs of stress. It minimizes puffiness, dark circles, and increases skin luminosity, lifts eye area and helps restore skin barrier. Woah, try saying that in one breath!

It has a metal applicator tip that feels nice, plus the cooling effect is very nice. This was perfect as I have had a really stressful month so far. I could honestly immediately feel the difference, it doesn’t irritate my eye nor has a strong fragrance. Usually with products around my eyes I get teary eyed very easily. I look more awake and it absorbs wonderfully. I also appreciate it brings a little tube slider so you squeeze out every last drop. I’m not sure I would buy it on my own…. it IS pricey! 

Next is: BROWFOOD Aqua brow powder + pencil duo

This product sells at $25.

Now, I personally don’t need eyebrow products, I was blessed with frida thick eyebrows. I just have to keep them groomed but once in a while I’ll use a thing or two.

What caught my attention was that it’s a powder to cream eyebrow powder. They say that if you don’t want such a dramatic eyebrow, or if you are more of a natural eyebrow gal, to go with an eyebrow powder. So the fact that this turned to a cream was cool. And it’s not a lie it really does!

This product is: 

  • Drug free
  • Chemical free
  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free 
  • Phthalate free
  • Synthetic- fragrance free
  • Plant based

Works ok, not really for me.  I did not like the packaging, it can get messy with the powder and the applicator isn’t the best for those who like precise brows. I like that they really strive to make natural, skin loving products and they give back. Now would I buy it? Probably not. 

Next up: Sigma Beauty Aura Powder & Sigma Beauty F40 Large angled contour brush 

The powder sells for $19

And the brush sells for $23

First I have never had, bought or used anything from Sigma so this was very exciting! 

The Aura powder looked too light to me at first and I thought it wasn’t going to look good. Well, let me tell you! They describe it as an all over face powder that can be used as blush, bronzer or all over to warm up the skin. I used it as a blush with the brush. Woah it was creamy, color pay off was incredible, and we cannot forget about that brush! So soft! The black and gold was GORGEOUS, and they are cruelty free WHAT! Amazing, in love with it and will be purchasing more sigma makeup and brushes.

Next up: OUIDAD Advanced climate control defrizz shampoo & conditioner

A 8.5oz bottle of shampoo sells at $22 and the 8.5oz bottle of conditioner sells at $24.

This is a sulfate free shampoo that cleanses your hair without taking all the moisture out of it. The conditioner adds back moisture your hair (curls) NEED. 

Why does frizz occur? Glad you asked, frizz happens when your cuticle layer is raised making ur hair seem…. well a frizzy, dry mess. In other words your hair is dehydrated! 

If you wanna learn more about frizzy hair ( especially if you have curly hair) and what products you should use click HERE

I cannot say enough good things about this shampoo and conditioner. This product plus the Aquis hair turban, equal a magnificent duo for girls with frizzy hair! 

Thank you for reading till the end! I really took my time to try, review and research as much as I could and I hope you enjoyed!



* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are my own*

When it rains it pours..

Hey guys, it’s July! Wow, time flies. If you follow me on social media (which you totally should) you may have known my sister was hospitalized again on Sunday night.

We found out she had another episode of CAPS (catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome). She was extremely close to a stroke, and they added heart failure to the list. She also had another blood clot this time on the right side of her heart and multiple clots in her lungs. It was scary, she felt and looked so sick.

She got multiple days of Plasmapheresis , IVIG and high doses of steroids. She should be out soon. Yay!

 In case you didn’t know we as a family are extremely close. My sister and I, even closer. So when one of us is missing at home, it feels like a big chunk of us is gone.

 Kim wasn’t feeling good and I kept (annoyingly) calling my mom. I could NOT sleep thinking about her and wanting to know what was wrong. They then told us they have to transfer her to another hospital which is a bit of a drive away. I was starting to not feel good, We were scheduled for our IVIG treatment that week which we get monthly and was long over due. All I wanted to do was cancel life and go with my sister.

That  is usually what we do, drop everything and focus on who ever is sick. This time we couldn’t, I berely had any oxygen tanks and without my treatment I could NOT expose myself. My parents kept switching turns in the hospital, plus we would FaceTime like crazy. 

The weather wasn’t on our side either it kept raining- well POURING! My sister would have anxiety attacks when we weren’t around and having to comfort her through a screen when all you want to do is hug her, was hard. 

I had scheduled my oxygen delivery and we missed it TWICE! My luck! We had some problems with the plumbing as well when my dad was with my sister so we had a hard evening! It just felt like the universe hated us! 

Let’s not begin to talk about traffic at the hospital and people not being patient when you are trying to transfer from the car to a wheelchair! That was the cherry on top of it all. 

I’m pretty sure my face had the expression of I HATE EVERYONE DONT TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW. Ha, ha gotta love it.

 I know it’s hard to see the good in the bad but I tried. I still had a lot to be thankful for, Most importantly I had my parents, my sister, and amazing friends and family reaching out to us. Always asking if we needed anything, and sending prayers and positivity our way.

We also had a way of getting to and from the hospital, a home to go to, money in case we needed to stop to buy food on the way and most importantly they were treating my sister and helping her get better.   

 I’m thankful for what we have but I Want this to be over, I don’t want to be sick nor do I want my sister to be sick either ( I don’t want anyone to be sick!).I hate having to read other sick people losing the battle to chronic illnesses.

 I hope one day all of us with a chronic illness get our miracle so we don’t have to live such complicated lives.

 Until then my sister and I will just try to live our goofy lives trying to look at the bright side of things! You should too!

Ipsy bag review June 2017

Hey everyone, How’s “summer” treating you guys? Over here in Massachusetts the weather gets a bit crazy but we are feeling the heat.

Today I have our monthly Ipsy bag review! Do you guys like this? If there is anything you guys would want me to write about and/or if you have any suggestions please let me know!

I was a little dissapointed with the bag. Yes, it’s cute but I feel like they have had better ones in the past. I also feel it should be more about summer, Or is it just me? We have some intresting products here including a black primer? Excited to try some of these out though.

NYX Professional Makeup 

Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé

At last I have found the perfect nude for me! I love this, it’s almost like a lipgloss. It did come off fairly fast, so I would need to keep reapplying.

PEEK Beauty 

Multiuse Black Primers

Now this primer I was really curious about and a bit excited! First thing,  I did not enjoy the packaging I have #sausagefingers so it was EXTREMELY hard to get this little tin open. Not going to lie it looked really weird and felt like lip balm. I tried it… I was impressed. It really made my eyeshadow pop! You can even use it by itself as a smoky eye. Would I ever buy it? Eh, I don’t think so, but it does the job.

City Color Cosmetics           

Shimmer Shadow

The eye shadow is in the shade Beach Cottage. I like this eyeshadow brand, I have used it before. This color is beautiful. You know what pops into my head when I see this eyeshadow? Mermaid. I actually used this eye shadow with the black primer. With and without it, it is a very pigmented, beautiful color. It did go on smoother with the primer, then again I just used my fingers. It is sparkly, bold and screams summer to me.

Beauty For Real 

I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner

I get so many eyeliners from ipsy! I’m not mad though. This eyeliner…. I wasn’t really digging it. First, I could not get the eyeliner out of the tube! Then I guess I turned (rotated) it waaay to much and so much came out it broke! I could not get it to go back into the tube. That alone got me mad. There website says to roatate 25+ times…. I really wish it was on the packaging, so I really did not bother try it on my eyes. I swatched it on my hand it was pigmented, smooth, but I didn’t like the color for myself. 


Chia 5-in-1 Defining Curl Cream

I am super excited about this product. My hair grew back curlier then it was, and with that comes ALOT OF FRIZZ! So the first thing that popped right out was frizz control! It promises to define curls and add shine to hair. I’m really excited to try this out!

So that was this months ipsy bag please tell me what you guys think, and if you want to try ipsy out it is only $10 dollars a month! Use my link here 

Until next time, bye!



Hey guys! Today I have a fun little DIY project- Tassels! I feel like they are a super cute and simple way to add flare to your keys, backpack, and purse etc. 

I am no pro and thanks to Pinterest I learned enough to make my own. So here we go:

I used a couple things:

-Thread ( the kind you make friendship bracelets with) or embroidery floss.

-beads (optional)

-A small piece of card board, you can even use the tube from ur toilet paper #repurpose (is that weird lol)

– key rings (optional)

First, you need to get your little rectangular piece of cardboard and make a slit in it.

Then get your string

I usually use a whole bundle for one tasssel, and wrap it around the cardboard. 

After this you want to tie the top to secure it.

Leave a little behind from the bundle you wrapped around the cardboard. Use that to tie and secure your thread.

Tie it twice like the picture above and it should look like this

You then need your scissors

And cut the bottom of your thread

Don’t worry about it being perfect you can always go back and fix that at the end.

Take it off the cardboard. Bunch the threads together and tie a thread of your choice to make the little “head”.

Then I personally just kept doing this forward and backward until I achieved the thickness of the band I wanted.

When finished it should look like this 

Now is your opportunity to even out the bottom to how you desire.

Your tassel is finished! I really enjoy adding a little more, so I added beads and a Keyring.

I have been a bit obsessed with these lately. 

The fun thing is there is no “right” way to this. You can add your own  flare on these cute tassels!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or pictures! please leave them below. Hope you try this out at home!


Turning 25….

So I turned 25 on May 22, 2017. This to me is crazy I honestly don’t even feel 25, But I’m greatful to have lived this long and hope that I have many years still ahead. I wanted to share with you what  I did on my actual birthday. 

First off I was scared and got sung happy birthday from my little sister at midnight!

I was then given a good morning with this baby!

I was then forced out of my room where I was surprised by one of my best friends! 

She got me the cutest card! A Starbucks gift card, that cute balloon and cheesecake! She knows the way to my heart, coffee and cheesecake!

Isn’t it so pretty!

I later got this beautiful cupcake cake. 

( BTW aren’t those candles so cute? I bought them myself from this store I found on Instagram I will link it right below.)  Jamboree 

As I was joking around about biting into my cake my sister did this to me…

Yup, she pushed my head into the beautiful cupcake. 

I got these delicious smelling essential oils! They are actually life changing. I love citrus btw so they make me happy! 

I also got this beautiful bracelet and my sister got a matching one! They were made one of a kind for us!

 I loved everything! Just the fact that I was surrounded by the ppl I love and care for was such a gift! 

Thank you for reading to the end!