Eating healthy & Thrive unboxing

Hey everyone! I have always wanted to do unboxings and reviews on stuff. Since I want to be healthier this year I decided to order some stuff from thrive.

They sell really healthy, organic, Non GMO foods. Plus they support a bunch of different causes,they use green energy, recyclable material, support women owned businesses and more. Every Product has there own list of values. They have everything categorized from Gluten free to Kosher, Dairy free, Etc. You start off by registering and recieve 15% off. If you like what you see and you make your first purchase then at that moment your 30 day trial begins( you can cancel at anytime), If you would like to keep buying things from thrive you have to get a membership of $59.95 that helps sponsor a low-income family. Plus it allows them to sell there products at a lower price. If you would like to know more just click on the link under the picture above!

Now to show you what I got 

I had more than one of some things so I just showed one of each. First off I saw some REALLY interesting things. I tried to find something for everyone in my family, I also tried looking for “substitutes” for things we like. You of course can buy what ever you like this is just some of the things I got. A few brands I was already familiar with like the Torie&Howard candy which are amazing! I discovered them through my Treatsie subscription box(but that’s a whole other story).

Now I know the down side is the $59.95 annual fee, but I believe you can contact them if you can not do that price up front. The plus I believe outweighs the bad you get organic products, you support and help different causes, The prices online are very comfortable and did you just catch that? ONLINE! If you can not leave the house as much as you’d like, you can still make healthy changes right from your home. It gets delivered right to your doorstep as well. So if you vowed to eating healthier this year this could be an option for you! Please let me know in the comments what you think and if you are going to try it?

Thank you for reading!

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