Resolution Voxbox!

So I got my first Voxbox today! I’m excited to share with you what I got!

First off I got the Febreze ONE Fabric & Air Mist, it is a mist you can use on fabric or in the air without any heavy perfumes, dyes, or aerosols. I got it in the scent Orchid. It smells really good and great for people who don’t like overpowering smells, or if you have lung issues (as I do) some scents can be too much! This just freshens up the place in a nice way. Also, it’s pretty cool how all you have to change is the bottom part not the actual sprayer. 

Next are these yummy PopChips Ridges Cheddar & Sour Cream. Absolutely delicious this is like pop corn meets chips! They are not fried instead pressured for them to pop. And you just get a crispy, guilty free chip! I Will purchase these for myself and let me just say I had to share these and they were gone In less than 5 min. So yeah they are that good!

Now the Orgain Organic Protein bar is good not the best but great if you are on the go! I would like to try the other flavors, this peanut butter one was not my favorite. You know when you eat or drink something and you get that powdery after taste? Well, that is how I would describe the protein bar. It has 10g of protein, like I said not my favorite but I wouldn’t mind throwing it in my bag on the go once in a while.

Next on the list is Crispy Green Crispy Fruit. It is pretty much freeze dried fruit without any added sugars or preservatives. Not my favorite at all, first off  is it just me or the thought of dried cantaloupe is just weird? The texture was the first thing I did not like, I can compare the texture to astronaut ice cream, they go through the same freeze dried process but the texture and cantaloupe taste just did not do it. They were sweet but also just wierd. I feel like I would like to try their other flavors.

When I saw I was getting the Orabrush A DenTek Brand Tongue Cleaner I was very happy. I kid you not I had just thrown out my old one. I love how this cleans the tongue, the bristles are not harsh at all and you can really scrub your tongue without hurting yourself. It’s easy to clean and comes in five different colors! I have tried other tongue cleaners but I feel this one has been the best I have tried so far. Would definitely recommend this, if you want to try it there will be a link for you to get your own free Orabrush, just pay shipping!  Free OraBrush 

Next is Burt’s Bees Protein+ Healthy Radiance Powder and they have two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. I have not tried it yet, nor do I think I will, at least not yet. I would have rather have gotten the chocolate flavor and not vanilla. Personally the drink does not sound appetizing to me. If you want me to try it, and review it let me know below.

And last I got coupons for stuff that I got in the box, plus a coupon to try the Sabra Guacamole Grab & Go free. 

I feel very lucky to be part of influenster and it’s fun! Thank you for staying til the end bye!  

“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”


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