Make A Wish Adventures ⭐️

I was diagnosed with a blood disorder (APS) and other things that completely changed my life. My sister was also diagnosed with the same blood disorder I have and other things. We have the same disorder but they have presented themselves differently in each of us. She saw me struggle and she saw the best years of my life being taken away from me and even though at the time she showed no symptoms, she confessed to me that, “Her worst nightmare would be, to be diagnosed with what I have and while still in high school.” 

We went through a hard time getting a diagnoses with her, everyone was in denial that she had the same disease that changed my life forever. I mean the test came out negative! They had to be right?! Right?? WRONG, deep inside I feel like I knew but I didn’t want it to be true, so when her “worst nightmare” came true I felt like I had to do something special. 

My sister is my life! I could not live without her so if she hurts I hurt twice as much. Not only because she is my sister but because I know what she is going through, physically and mentally. It’s hard and It drives me crazy that so many people like to comment on chronically sick patients without really knowing what it is like, Without knowing the constant stress you and your family are under. My sister has gone through things no high school student (or anyone) should go through. 

All my life I thought Make A Wish was only for kids with cancer or kids who were going to die. Well not the case! I secretly went into their website read about the joy they bring kids and decided I was going to nominate my sister. I didn’t think much of it. I did not even think that it was a possibility that they would grant my sister a Wish. Then I got a call… THE call! They needed info on my sisters condition to see if she qualified! To make this short after waiting for a while they called me with the big news! 

We needed this bright light! I know material things don’t bring happiness, but the thought of being able to be granted anything you want is a great feeling. Of course the original Wish was not going to be possible as many hospitalizations were occurring. 

After much thought (and trust me it was hard!) we checked out other kids dreams, the volunteers helped us brainstorm we spoke to our parents. Let’s just say we changed the dream a bunch of times! It was embarrassing but they understood completely! I’m glad to say my sisters dream will become a reality really soon!!!!! I will update you guys real soon!

Please share your stories or your expierences with me! Have you had a dream granted or someone you know? Tell me all about it!


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