Make-A-Wish adventures (continued) 

So as most of you know my sister got a wish granted from Make-A-Wish foundation. I will forever be grateful with them, they made my sisters day so incredibly special! My family and I never expected to be so blessed. Of course on one of  the most special days of my sisters life my phone died and my moms iPad had no more storage space! I still have a bunch a pictures that I will share with you all. I will also go through the stores we went to and the wonderful surprises they had for my sister!

First off my sister got picked up in a limo! It was so shiny! The volunteers rode along and they had a special poster for my sister, flowers, cake pops personally made for her and champagne (just kidding sparkling cider) for the ride!

Once we got to the mall we headed to the visitors/guest desk where they presented Kim with a gift card from the mall to her. They had a wheelchair all ready for her and flowers. They were even nice enough to switch my wheelchair, and we were off to the Apple Store.

Kim knew exactly what she wanted! She got an IPad Pro along with some accessories to go with it. They were very patient and took all the time to explain to her what would work better for her depending on her needs. Since we had lunch reservations we left for lunch while they got everything ready for Kim. We later come to find out they upgraded Kim’s iPad with more gigabytes and they gave her a shirt and USB bracelet in her favorite color lime green. We are very thankful and surprised as these are tools Kim will be using for her education! Next was lunch.

They had decorated a booth for her. This was so special and nice! They had a banner that said happy 18 Bday Kim, a tiara,and little decorations. The service was amazing everyone was super nice! They made sure we were all comfortable. They endlessly refilled our drinks! We had a bunch of fun… maybe too much fun!

This was extremely nice as we rarely have the time or money to go out and eat without having to stress over something like a place being accessible, or people being patient enough with us. The only stress we had was the stress of having to finish our food! They asked Kim what she wanted for desert and she got that specially delivered with a whole group of waiters singing HappyBirthday! 

Next stop was sephora! Kim had a make over appointment scheduled.It’s pretty hard to see what they had written, but it said welcome Kim on the mirror.The sephora employee was super nice and really made Kim look even more beautiful! 

Kimberly bought some more makeup to add to her collection, and was surprised with a goodie bag from sephora! The manager personally delivered it to Kim and everyone was telling her how beautiful she looked!

Next on the list was bath and body.

As you can see they received Kim with a poster, tiara and more flowers! Oh did I mention how happy these people were to see kimmy?! They were so nice and made sure to clear the way for her to get through, and she had her own personal shopper, How awesome right?  Next on the list was build a bear.

Kim decided on a pikachu and bought it some slippers and a fabulous eye mask, Because even Pikachu needs beauty sleep!! Last but not least was Finish line.

The workers had a whole section that said VIP, they set up a table with cookies, balloons, and as you can see a poster welcoming her. She had three workers attending to her needs! They were so patient and helped Kim choose the perfect pair of shoes. They also had another surprise for her, at the moment they did not have the shoes Kim wanted in stock so they bought them for her and she will get them shipped home.It was so sweet of them, they have huge hearts and we are all very grateful. They truly went beyond our expectations and truly,honestly made her feel like the a VIP! 

During the whole time the volunteers were such a blessing as well! One of the volunteers made sure to put all the flowers in water and in a container. She was running from one end of the mall to another! The volunteers also were carring Kimberlys bags and pushing her around, making sure to stop when ever we needed breaks. Every single person was very special! They did such an amazing job and they sent home a Kim that was exhausted but also beaming with excitement from the wonderful day she had. Please support foundations like these they make kids really happy! I know I will forever support them and be thankful for the wonderful day we had! Thank you for staying til the end!

Check out My Make-A-Wish day vlog!

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