February is almost over and I still have to share with you the Ipsy Glam bag for this month. 

These are the goodies I got this month!

If you notice I do have more than just 5 products, but that is because I turned in my points! 

The products I chose in exchange for my points were Nail hugs they are described as being “non-toxic transfers” that are easy to apply. I’m pretty excited about these, they have a bunch of different designs and they seem real easy to put on.

Second thing I picked was from one of my favorite hair care brands Briogeo. It’s the Rosario milk, leave-in conditioner from the repair collection so you know it’s filled with good stuff for hair to absorb. Plus it smells really good!

Now to start off with what I actually got in my ipsy bag!  I got the Nyx Butter Lipstick in the shade ripe berry.It is more of a sheer red. I was expecting more of a bold, darker red but this is nice and not drying. Another thing is the color will come off, I ate a bagel with this lipstick on and it was all over so that’s a down side. 

Next is an eyeliner , It is the  Absolute New York Nano Liner Ultra Fine Precision Liquid Liner in Black. It’s suppose to be easy to control when lining ur eyes because of the fine tip. Plus it claims to be water resistant. Not super excited or eager to try, I’m not an expert on the cat eye look so I will probably be using this for practice! 

Next is one of my favorite things facial cleansers! I got the Indie Lee Rosehip cleanser, the first thing I noticed was the packaging. It seems very transparent and natural which I like. It’s suppose to be good for sensitive skin and it has a light scent of roses! I’m really excited to try. You can even use this to clean your brushes so that’s neat.

Next on the list is the Seraphine Botanicals Luminude in Primrose. It is an illuminator which I believed was like highlighter until I read into it: Check out the difference between the two here! In a few words highlighter is more concentrated and ” highlights” certain areas of the face, While illuminator gives you a more over all “glow”. I wasn’t all that excited about it but now that I know what it could do for my skin I’m looking forward to using this! Can we also just talk about how pretty and colorful the packaging is?

Last but not least The Luxie Beauty   Blush brush in Rose gold. I have some luxie brushes and I really like them the bristles are very soft and they feel nice against the face. Plus it a cute brush!

If you want to sign up for IPSY and get Glam bags each month for only  $10 bucks Just click above! Thank you for staying til the end.


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