Embarrassing hospital stories! 

Being in the hospital sucks, but in between those sick, painful days you can also have a good laugh. Some of these stories were painfully awkward, funny, and embarrassing. Now that we look back on them, all we can do is laugh. Hope you enjoy some of our moments in the hospital!

Ring the Alarm 🚨: ” On one of my hospital stays, I needed to use the bathroom. When I was done with business in there I needed some assistance, right next to the toilet they had a “pull in need of assistance” string. I obviously needed help so I pulled it. Next thing I hear (literally took them 2 seconds) a whole team of nurses running into my room! They busted the door open yelling “what’s wrong?” “Are you ok?” I’m sitting there, in one of the most vulnerable positions I can be in and shockingly say, “I just needed help!”. They sighed in relief and actually told me you just don’t PULL THE STRING for help it’s only for Emergencies! After laughing hysterically, I knew I made a mistake that I would never make Again!”

-Kimberly ( my sister)

OPEN UP 🤐: ” I  was in the hospital and I still needed therapy to do simple things like feeding myself. Since I could not feed myself at the time one of the nurses would feed me. It all started out great until my nurse had to leave for a meeting! Of course Ladies you know that when we are in the hospital we are deffinatly not looking our best. Such a coincidence that a young, cute guy ( like around my age) was working around my area when she had to leave! So of course she asks him to FEED ME! How am I suppose to not be awkward when he is feeding me? When he is attractive, smells good, and here I am smelling like sweat, my hair frizzy, matted, and looking like a birds nest! Well this is a great first date (just kidding). It was completely silent and awkward. I mean he was FEEDING ME?! I tried to not make eye contact and I honestly never finished my breakfast. It was way to awkward! After that I made sure to beg one of my parents to arrive before breakfast until i could eat on my own.” 


Drugged up💊: ” I had to go downstairs to get a central line put in, everything turned out great then the doctor walked in and started talking to me about the hedgehog. I had never mentioned it to her, she said “Yeah, don’t you remember? You told me all about how you wanted one, what you would name it and how cute they are?”  Well I didn’t, turns out while I was in LaLa world all drugged up that’s all I spoke about! My family and I just cracked up. I quickly noticed I had to be very cautious about what I say, I can spill my deepest secrets while under the influence of those drugs!”


Break down 😩: ” I was a bit more mobile and was waiting to get transferred to the rehab center. The doctor came in with his crew and while they were catching up with me, my weight came up. The doctor was just suggesting I try to be as healthy as I can be and do any small activity I can. I had been in the hospital for almost a month and was nowhere close to going home, I was stressed out physically and mentally. I of course understood it all wrong! After they left I had a complete breakdown because I felt like he was calling me fat and lazy! All the nurses tried explaining that was not the case, this went on for almost all day. I even refused to see that doctor, I had them close my curtain so I could not even see him in the hallway. I was really hurt. After calming down I didn’t want to face him because I was so embarrassed, he knew what was happening the whole time and nurses had kept him away to not make matters worse. He actually felt really bad and was worried about me. We cleared up everything and I ended up needing therapy. It was an extremely stressful time”


TMI 😳: “One of many times when visiting my sister, turns out she had a roommate. When you are in the hospital you know that they are different kinds of roommates. We like to be very respectful of who ever is in the room wether it be a nurse, doctor, or another patient. I knew it was already a bad sign when the curtain between them was shut all the way, Like ALL the way! My sister didn’t really care for her much. As we were sitting there they had the curtain closed but spoke so loudly about all different types of things. Some things we never wanted to know honestly. I came out of that room knowing Too Much Information about them and BTW I never saw the girl behind the curtain but my sister did.”

-Katye & Kimberly

Sleeping like a baby 😴: ” I was in the ICU unit and was fighting off a pretty brutal infection. I needed a lot of rest and was exhausted. So I had some meds that helped me sleep. My family was there and they were just chilling. When I woke up my sister asked if I had felt anything. I was obviously out, she just laughed at me and asks me if I’m sure. Turns out the that my wonderful little sister had been playing with my bed the whole time. She would lift my head up and down, then she would try to sandwhich me in together as much as she could all while she was cracking up in front of me I didn’t even budge. You would think she would have some respect for me but nah. It was funny though I gotta say.”

-Katye & Kimberly
Hope you guys enjoyed some our funny/ embarrassing/ awkward moments. Tell me any of your funny moments and did you like this type of blog? Please leave your answer in the comments!


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