K&K Pill bottles 

So I’m really excited to write about a project my sister and I have, it’s called K&K pill bottles or KK pill bottles.

 Our idea was “Decorating pill bottles filled with love”, but how did we come up with the idea? 

Well, I used to write for a blog called Positivity in Pain, I wanted to write about something DIY. I look over at my sister and she had decorated a spare pill bottle with rainbow tape and “DING” that’s what I was going to write about. Ways to repurpose your pill bottles!

As a spoonie myself (someone chronically Ill) I have a BUNCH of pill bottles laying around and honestly I cringe every time I  have to throw them out! I thought there had to be another way to make these useful. I did a lot of research and wrote the blog. I got amazing response, people loved the idea, some even said they could decorate them and then sell them on etsy. That is when I also thought hey, that Is a good idea! 

There are a bunch of amazing people who do things like boxes for spoonies or care packages. The one thing that I did not like is that most were for kids or teens, not adults *sad face*. I’m about to be 25 and I still get pretty excited to get something cute in the mail. We thought, we had to do something first off free, cute and unique.We all know that most times sick patients would rather spend their money on a medication refill then splurge on something, We totally understand. 

Then we wanted it to be available to EVERYONE our focus is making them for spoonies no matter where they are or what kind of illness they have, but if you are just regular gal and want one please contact us! 

Now I’m not saying that the pill bottles are perfect but my sister and I can guarantee they are made with love. We personally look into what the trends are and search high and low for unique cute things to fill the pill bottles with. We also want to support other spoonies, so if we can put another spoonies items in the pill bottles it’s amazing. 

On our Social media pages we ask you message us with your conditions AND to tell us a bit about yourself. We like to take the time to personalize every pill bottle if possible. As to why we ask about your illness? We want to learn more about other illnesses, we want to learn about what YOU are going through. 

We are overwhelmed with the response our little project is getting. We want to make other people happy, no matter if you are sick or not. We know first hand what it’s like to feel frustrated, alone and misunderstood. Heck, sometimes we just have a bad day in LIFE! If our pill bottles can bring a smile to your face, then we achieved our purpose!

(Btw here are a couple pictures of some of our pill bottles!)

Please follow our social media and If you can please donate to our gofundme page all the money goes directly back to the pill bottles!




Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments please contact us, or leave them down below!


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