Being Thankful Through It All

Life is hard No matter what. We all have good and bad situations we have to deal with. Life is like a piñata filled with candy we both like and dislike, Of course we who have a chronic illness get an extra cherry on top! I believe the key to being happy is learning lessons from the bad, being thankful for the good, and overall never giving up.
Being sick can highlight the bad in our lives and make it harder, but we are fighters and get through it all. Next time you feel miserable just try to think of everything you have and everything you are thankful for. 

Even the tiniest things like being able to take a nice hot bath/ shower whenever you have enough spoons, being able to go out and shop or something so simple like being able to breathe. Before i got sick i took a lot of things for granted but now i appreciate them a bit more. Now think about it. What are YOU thankful for?

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