Pressure to succeed 

Do you live each day with the pressure of being better? The pressure of having to be strong no matter what? I mean us spoonies have gone through a lot and we manage to stay strong. Well… Or at least pretend.

I constantly feel as if I have to prove myself to the world. As if I break down I will be judged for not being strong enough. Its pretty ridiculous but true, it takes so much out us to just try to be normal or accepted. I have my ups and downs, just because most of the time i’m smiling doesn’t mean I don’t need a good cry.

No matter how strong you are once in a while  you’ll get that smack in the face like “WOAH!” Has all this really happened! There is so much revolving around us, and our illness. You need to just breath because while it may seem like it should be easy, adapting to this new life probably will never be easy,  Just try your best. 

I try to celebrate each day, and welcome it with a smile because no matter what, you never know when your last day will be. I have been so close to it being my last day, but i have fought and thank god i’m still here. We all have our ups and downs it is VERY understandable we are not suppose to be perfect. So let your feelings just be and LIVE! 


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