Turning 25….

So I turned 25 on May 22, 2017. This to me is crazy I honestly don’t even feel 25, But I’m greatful to have lived this long and hope that I have many years still ahead. I wanted to share with you what  I did on my actual birthday. 

First off I was scared and got sung happy birthday from my little sister at midnight!

I was then given a good morning with this baby!

I was then forced out of my room where I was surprised by one of my best friends! 

She got me the cutest card! A Starbucks gift card, that cute balloon and cheesecake! She knows the way to my heart, coffee and cheesecake!

Isn’t it so pretty!

I later got this beautiful cupcake cake. 

( BTW aren’t those candles so cute? I bought them myself from this store I found on Instagram I will link it right below.)  Jamboree 

As I was joking around about biting into my cake my sister did this to me…

Yup, she pushed my head into the beautiful cupcake. 

I got these delicious smelling essential oils! They are actually life changing. I love citrus btw so they make me happy! 

I also got this beautiful bracelet and my sister got a matching one! They were made one of a kind for us!

 I loved everything! Just the fact that I was surrounded by the ppl I love and care for was such a gift! 

Thank you for reading to the end!


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