Hey guys! Today I have a fun little DIY project- Tassels! I feel like they are a super cute and simple way to add flare to your keys, backpack, and purse etc. 

I am no pro and thanks to Pinterest I learned enough to make my own. So here we go:

I used a couple things:

-Thread ( the kind you make friendship bracelets with) or embroidery floss.

-beads (optional)

-A small piece of card board, you can even use the tube from ur toilet paper #repurpose (is that weird lol)

– key rings (optional)

First, you need to get your little rectangular piece of cardboard and make a slit in it.

Then get your string

I usually use a whole bundle for one tasssel, and wrap it around the cardboard. 

After this you want to tie the top to secure it.

Leave a little behind from the bundle you wrapped around the cardboard. Use that to tie and secure your thread.

Tie it twice like the picture above and it should look like this

You then need your scissors

And cut the bottom of your thread

Don’t worry about it being perfect you can always go back and fix that at the end.

Take it off the cardboard. Bunch the threads together and tie a thread of your choice to make the little “head”.

Then I personally just kept doing this forward and backward until I achieved the thickness of the band I wanted.

When finished it should look like this 

Now is your opportunity to even out the bottom to how you desire.

Your tassel is finished! I really enjoy adding a little more, so I added beads and a Keyring.

I have been a bit obsessed with these lately. 

The fun thing is there is no “right” way to this. You can add your own  flare on these cute tassels!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or pictures! please leave them below. Hope you try this out at home!


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