Things I HAVE to share with you!!! PT.1 

Hey there guys, how’s it going? I feel like lately I have tried some great things worthy of sharing with you! Do you want to know what my picks are? Keep reading!

Today I have some recommendations for skin care, makeup, stores, snacks, blogs and apps!  


Let’s start off with snacks! One of my fav. YouTubers is OBSESSED with Angie’s BoomChickaPop popcorn! After so many years I gave in and purchased some. OMG it is so good, I completely get why people are obsessed with it. The best part of all? It’s made with Real, simple ingredients. Plus, they have so many flavors to pick from! If you want a yummy snack and you don’t want to sacrifice flavor? This is for you guys.

(Above is my dog being super protective over the popcorn!)

Next thing I have been into is the Brookside crunchy clusters,  I don’t have a picture (they didn’t last that long) but I can tell you the flavor I had was the almond and berry flavor. They have a variety of mixes with different fruits, nuts and even bars.


Right away when it comes to blogs I have a couple to share with you. Most are a mix of DIY and beauty, plus most if not all of them are run by great females and are a HUGE inspiration to me!

A Beautiful Mess


Studio DIY 


Go check them out!


Honestly, my number one app I ALWAYS use when shopping is Ebates. I mean you get cash back for shopping? How great is that. If you shop online a lot this is for you! You can even receive cash back in stores as well double yay!

Next app and store I LOVE is Hollar. They have such great deals there. We order from there at least once a month, no lie both my sis and I! 

Even the individual who delivers our mail had a conversation with my mom about how they had never heard of it before, they went on the page out of curiosity and they had great deals! Plus, who can go wrong with that bright, orange box?

I’ll be back with a Pt.2 so for now let me know below some of your favorites in the comments.


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