Maybelline Great lash Royal Blue voxbox 

Hey guys! I can not believe it has taken me so long to make this post. I am finally reviewing the Maybelline great lash royal blue voxbox! I was pretty excited getting chosen for this box, This would be second voxbox I get and the fact that it's makeup makes me Happy. First, let me … Continue reading Maybelline Great lash Royal Blue voxbox 

Adapting to this new life 

   I remember my first time being in the hospital, not knowing what was wrong with me. I then remember the first time I was rushed to the ICU that same day, little did i know I would get to know that place real good. I remember crying and having an anxiety attack over a … Continue reading Adapting to this new life 

Pressure to succeed 

Do you live each day with the pressure of being better? The pressure of having to be strong no matter what? I mean us spoonies have gone through a lot and we manage to stay strong. Well… Or at least pretend. I constantly feel as if I have to prove myself to the world. As … Continue reading Pressure to succeed 

April Ipsy Glam bag unboxing! 

Hello everybody, I am super excited to share with you what I got in this months SUPER cute Glam bag. Ever since they shared a preview of what the bag looked like I was excited and looking forward to receiving it. This month it came surprisingly early, and of course I am not mad about … Continue reading April Ipsy Glam bag unboxing! 

What’s In my makeup bag ?💄

Hello! So with spring being here, I decided I would clean out my makeup bag because I have not done that in a while. I don't know if this happens to you, but I really enjoy watching what's in my bag videos on YouTube. I love seeing what products people use and since I was … Continue reading What’s In my makeup bag ?💄

Being Thankful Through It All

Life is hard No matter what. We all have good and bad situations we have to deal with. Life is like a piñata filled with candy we both like and dislike, Of course we who have a chronic illness get an extra cherry on top! I believe the key to being happy is learning lessons … Continue reading Being Thankful Through It All

K&K Pill bottles 

So I'm really excited to write about a project my sister and I have, it's called K&K pill bottles or KK pill bottles.  Our idea was "Decorating pill bottles filled with love", but how did we come up with the idea?  Well, I used to write for a blog called Positivity in Pain, I wanted … Continue reading K&K Pill bottles 

Ipsy glam bag March/17

Hey everyone, I can finally say Spring is here! Yay! Today I want to share with you my March Glam bag. This months bag is super cute! And I feel like I will be using everything. The theme for this month is Très Jolie in French, which translates to Very Pretty (thank you google translate!). First … Continue reading Ipsy glam bag March/17

Embarrassing hospital stories! 

Being in the hospital sucks, but in between those sick, painful days you can also have a good laugh. Some of these stories were painfully awkward, funny, and embarrassing. Now that we look back on them, all we can do is laugh. Hope you enjoy some of our moments in the hospital! Ring the Alarm … Continue reading Embarrassing hospital stories! 

Free your mind 💭

The past week was pretty stressful. My sister was admitted to the hospital and when that happens it's usually a chaotic time for us as a family. A lot of people still don't understand how sick we get, and the fact that when either of us are admitted, most of the time means life threatening … Continue reading Free your mind 💭