Ipsy Glam bag unboxing! Oct/17

Hey guys! So today I’ll be unboxing this month’s ipsy bag! I’m not a huge fan of the theme since I feel most October themed things are mostly Halloween related. The products were amazing though.

Let’s start off with the bag it’s very pretty but I will probably never use it. The bat detail is really cute and The crimson red color is great for autumn.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion

These eyeliners are amazing they seriously don’t budge! This should be a staple in your makeup bag plus they have so many colors! I really enjoyed getting this in my bag.

Cute Balms Lip Balm in Vanilla

I have always thought the cute macaroon packaging is adorable, now I finally have one of my own! It is a vanilla scented lip balm which is much needed now that we are going into the colder months! On the down side, I don’t really like lip products you have to stick your finger into so we’ll see. 

tarte deluxe lifted sweatproof mascara

Tarte is just amazing being cruelty free, and vegan, pretty much anyone can use it. The packaging is so girly and did I mention it’s sweatproof! My eyelashes are pretty straight so I’m excited to see the lift this mascara will give my lashes!

MEECH AND MIA Loose Eyeshadow in Purple 

I’m not a huge fan of dark colors and loose eyeshadows but it’s very pretty and the smoky purple eyeshadow goes great with this months theme. It’s not tested on animals, and I have to say I appreciate the packaging as well very nice and clean.

Pretty Woman Nail Polish in Wine With Ice, Garçon

I was introduced to these nail polishes through ipsy and I LOVE them! I’m always looking for dark colors for fall and this one is great. It is “crack and chip-resistant” and the packaging is so adorable! Like I said I’m a sucker for cute packaging. 

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Ipsy Glam bag September 2017

Hey guys I know I’m posting this on the last days of September! Sorry, I have been struggling with mental health lately, but I’m getting the help I need so everything should be better soon. 

I finally have something ready for you guys so I hope you enjoy!

Can we simply take a moment to admire the simplicity and beauty of this bag! I love it, the inside is like a dark royal blue. The small studding all over gives just the correct amount of detail. It’s perfect. 

This months theme is Like a boss! So if you want to see what’s inside just keep scrolling!

P.R.M.I.T Beauty – GELlusion  shade January (Capricorn)

When I saw this nail polish it was screaming autumn. I put it on immediately. 

I loved it and so did my mom,  she snatched it up real quick! Another great thing is it is PETA certified, vegan and cruelty free! I will definitely use the heck out of this nail polish.

Ciaté London – Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic

Next is this mascara right here, again how cute is the packaging! I love how the product seems magical.

This is a good mascara, the brush definitely gives volume and covers every eyelash. I also felt the wand gave me control over where and how much mascara I wanted to brush on.

I have straight eyelashes, but it definitely made a difference. I did not curl my lashes, prime them nothing. If you go all out with just the curling of the lashes It would look even better! It didn’t get too hard when it dried and it did not smudge- well since I was having an emotional day I had to put the mascara to the test ( had a crying session) and it did smudge off. Then again it never claimed to be waterproof. Definitely a mascara I like.

Eva NYC – Zero Gravity Volume Powder

You guys, packaging is everything! I will literally buy something I don’t even need because of cute packaging! In my opinion, this brand is killing it with their pink, fun, hair products! This product promises to give you volume and texture all with a sprinkle of this weightless, moisturizing powder.


So this Is a primer from smashbox, a brand I really like, I guess I wasn’t all that excited with it becuase I try to stay away from shiny things on my skin ( I’m really not even a huge fan of highlighter)  but I’m excited to try. SmashBox primers haven’t let me down before, It has multi usage, you can you use under make up and on top as a highlighter. 

NEOGEN Dermalogy– Real Flower Cleansing Water – Rose

Let me just start by saying if you buy a full bottle of this it has actual rose petals in it! Can you say fancy? I really love my simple micellar water, but when I wanna feel extra pampered why not reach for this! It smells So Good!! I would use it as perfume if I could! 

Extra goodies:

Lime CrimeUnicorn Hair Duo in Blue Smoke

Common Labs – Mild Peeling Finger Pad

The above products were just extras I got with my points!

Thank you so much for reading! Sorry I have been so bad at writing lately! Please tell me what you think?! Any suggestions, comments welcome!

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Ipsy Glam bag! July/17

Hello everyone here I am again showing you what I got in my July Ipsy Glam bag!

If you wanna see what was in my bag this month keep scrolling.

This months bag features Gudetama, a Japanese cartoon also known as “The Lazy Egg”. The theme was overeasy/Lazy beauty because we all need to take a step back from life and chill. 

Jersey Shore Cosmetics      Mandarin Green Orange & Ginger Mongongo Lip Conditioner

So let’s talk about this, I was SO EXCITED for this product. The packaging looked adorable and It was described as a citrus scented balm and you know I love anything citrus scented….I WAS FOOLED! I’m sorry this was awful, I didn’t like it at all! I immediately took it off my lips it was that bad in MY opinion. 

tarte                                         Rainforest of the Sea™ deep dive cleansing gel

I’m happy to see this product in my ipsy bag, I needed a new cleanser. My sister has it and she likes it. Plus it smells really nice and fresh!

OFRA Cosmetics                            Gold Rush Eyeshadow

I really like OFRA eye shadows, they have awesome pigmentation. I already have a BUNCH of eye shadows around the same color scheme so this is something that I like, but don’t really need.

Seraphine Botanicals               Lychee + Gold

Never tried this brand, but I’m excited for more! Their packaging is beautiful, this blush is girly! I’m kind of thinking I could use this maybe as an eyeshadow as well!

COUGAR Beauty Products              24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry

New brand, very light weight on the lips. I am not a fan of pink tones, I tend to like more darkish, nude lip colors. This was really nice for a change. It’s a “24 hour” liquid lipstick and I had ice cream, Let’s just say my ice cream had some pink in it!

Well I wanted to end this blog with showing you the back of the ipsy bag! It’s adorable ( look at his little butt haha) Thank you for reading and please tell me what did you get in your ipsy bag? What was your fav. Product? Dislikes? Are you not an ipster yet? Become an Ipsy member by clicking here!

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Ipsy bag review June 2017

Hey everyone, How’s “summer” treating you guys? Over here in Massachusetts the weather gets a bit crazy but we are feeling the heat.

Today I have our monthly Ipsy bag review! Do you guys like this? If there is anything you guys would want me to write about and/or if you have any suggestions please let me know!

I was a little dissapointed with the bag. Yes, it’s cute but I feel like they have had better ones in the past. I also feel it should be more about summer, Or is it just me? We have some intresting products here including a black primer? Excited to try some of these out though.

NYX Professional Makeup 

Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé

At last I have found the perfect nude for me! I love this, it’s almost like a lipgloss. It did come off fairly fast, so I would need to keep reapplying.

PEEK Beauty 

Multiuse Black Primers

Now this primer I was really curious about and a bit excited! First thing,  I did not enjoy the packaging I have #sausagefingers so it was EXTREMELY hard to get this little tin open. Not going to lie it looked really weird and felt like lip balm. I tried it… I was impressed. It really made my eyeshadow pop! You can even use it by itself as a smoky eye. Would I ever buy it? Eh, I don’t think so, but it does the job.

City Color Cosmetics           

Shimmer Shadow

The eye shadow is in the shade Beach Cottage. I like this eyeshadow brand, I have used it before. This color is beautiful. You know what pops into my head when I see this eyeshadow? Mermaid. I actually used this eye shadow with the black primer. With and without it, it is a very pigmented, beautiful color. It did go on smoother with the primer, then again I just used my fingers. It is sparkly, bold and screams summer to me.

Beauty For Real 

I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner

I get so many eyeliners from ipsy! I’m not mad though. This eyeliner…. I wasn’t really digging it. First, I could not get the eyeliner out of the tube! Then I guess I turned (rotated) it waaay to much and so much came out it broke! I could not get it to go back into the tube. That alone got me mad. There website says to roatate 25+ times…. I really wish it was on the packaging, so I really did not bother try it on my eyes. I swatched it on my hand it was pigmented, smooth, but I didn’t like the color for myself. 


Chia 5-in-1 Defining Curl Cream

I am super excited about this product. My hair grew back curlier then it was, and with that comes ALOT OF FRIZZ! So the first thing that popped right out was frizz control! It promises to define curls and add shine to hair. I’m really excited to try this out!

So that was this months ipsy bag please tell me what you guys think, and if you want to try ipsy out it is only $10 dollars a month! Use my link here 

Until next time, bye!



February is almost over and I still have to share with you the Ipsy Glam bag for this month. 

These are the goodies I got this month!

If you notice I do have more than just 5 products, but that is because I turned in my points! 

The products I chose in exchange for my points were Nail hugs they are described as being “non-toxic transfers” that are easy to apply. I’m pretty excited about these, they have a bunch of different designs and they seem real easy to put on.

Second thing I picked was from one of my favorite hair care brands Briogeo. It’s the Rosario milk, leave-in conditioner from the repair collection so you know it’s filled with good stuff for hair to absorb. Plus it smells really good!

Now to start off with what I actually got in my ipsy bag!  I got the Nyx Butter Lipstick in the shade ripe berry.It is more of a sheer red. I was expecting more of a bold, darker red but this is nice and not drying. Another thing is the color will come off, I ate a bagel with this lipstick on and it was all over so that’s a down side. 

Next is an eyeliner , It is the  Absolute New York Nano Liner Ultra Fine Precision Liquid Liner in Black. It’s suppose to be easy to control when lining ur eyes because of the fine tip. Plus it claims to be water resistant. Not super excited or eager to try, I’m not an expert on the cat eye look so I will probably be using this for practice! 

Next is one of my favorite things facial cleansers! I got the Indie Lee Rosehip cleanser, the first thing I noticed was the packaging. It seems very transparent and natural which I like. It’s suppose to be good for sensitive skin and it has a light scent of roses! I’m really excited to try. You can even use this to clean your brushes so that’s neat.

Next on the list is the Seraphine Botanicals Luminude in Primrose. It is an illuminator which I believed was like highlighter until I read into it: Check out the difference between the two here! In a few words highlighter is more concentrated and ” highlights” certain areas of the face, While illuminator gives you a more over all “glow”. I wasn’t all that excited about it but now that I know what it could do for my skin I’m looking forward to using this! Can we also just talk about how pretty and colorful the packaging is?

Last but not least The Luxie Beauty   Blush brush in Rose gold. I have some luxie brushes and I really like them the bristles are very soft and they feel nice against the face. Plus it a cute brush!

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Ipsy Glam Bag/Jan. 2017

I will not lie, when I see anyone come in with a pink envelope for my sister or me, I get excited! I love seeing what she gets and she likes seeing what I get. I guess the best part is we can trade products as well. Today I wanted to show you what I got in my Ipsy Glam bag!

First off, the thing I loved was the bag! I did not take pictures of the products separately (sorry) so this is the only picture I have. As you can see I got a face mask, nail polish, eyeshadow, blush, and concealer. I am crazy about face masks so that is perfect! The nail polish is a beautiful soft gray almost like a pastel gray I love it! 

I am on the search for the perfect concealer ( I want to try the tarte shape tape contour concealer) so I am excited to try this. I did test it out on my hand to feel the texture. I have not had good luck with cakey concealers, I tend to like the liquid ones better, and this one felt a bit cakey but I will not judge it til I try it! (Btw please tell me your opinions on this concealer if you have any) The blush I’m not excited about as I don’t really use blush I have some natural redness already! Plus, I feel like that shade will not look good on me.

 Last but not least the eye shadow (well it is more of a pigment), I like it, but I have something similar to this already and it is a loose powder so not excited about that part but it is a sparkly, beautiful, champagne color.I will have a list of the products below! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave it in the comment section!

Manna Kadar Cosmetics-Paradise Blush

Pretty Woman-Nail Polish in I Can’t Deal 

pur~lisse-Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 mud mask + exfoliant

Naked Cosmetics-Mica Pigment in Desert Sunset #02

IT Cosmetics-Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination™ Anti-Aging Concealer- shade tan